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Darmasiswa Scholarship Academic Year 2024/2025

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Yes, for this academic year only (2024/2025), we are accepting registrations from participants up to 32 years old.
Prospective participants should select the Indonesian embassy/consulate based on their home country (as indicated in their passport). They can then schedule an online interview with the respective Indonesian embassy/consulate in their home country.
Yes, we provide a CV template in the information menu.
Yes, we provide examples of passport photos in the information menu.
No, the medical certificate can be based on the template provided by the respective hospitals in your country, as long as it is in English.
The Medical Certificate needs to state that you are free from all diseases, drugs, and capable of participating in the program for 10/12 months in Indonesia.
You can upload a letter stating that you are currently enrolled, along with the latest semester transcript from your university.
The Recommendation Letter can contain information about you in general, both as a student or a professional.
No, international tickets to Indonesia/from the country are not covered by the scholarship.
No, you can only select a university that is included in the Darmasiswaprovided list.
You can visit the university's website or Instagram, and check the university news on the Darmasiswa website.
Yes, you can continue your Master's/Ph.D. studies in Indonesia at your own expense or through other scholarship programs. However, you must return to your home country first after completing the Darmasiswa program.
Yes, participants will be covered by local health insurance while studying in Indonesia.
Participants are advised to have international health insurance, because local health insurance only applicable while participants are in Indonesia.
Participants use their living allowance to cover housing, meals, and local transportation at their place of study.
Arrival tickets are uploaded no later than 2 weeks before arrival in Indonesia.
Yes, an airport pick-up facility will be arranged for participants arriving Jakarta on August 29, 2024.
Participants don’t get airport pick-up and accommodation before August 29, 2024. So, participants can move to the provided hotel on August 29, 2024 to join the orientation.
The committee will be at the arrival gate bringing a “Darmasiswa Scholarship Program” sign.
If the participants don’t meet the pick-up committee at the exit, they can visit Terminal 3, Soekarno Hatta Airport.
Yes, the university will accompany participants in finding housing in accordance with their preferences and financial abilities.
Yes, while in Indonesia, participants will be accompanied by arrangements for residence permit at Immigration.
Yes, each provider at the institution will help participants to create bank account when they arrive in Indonesia.
No, participants will receive their living allowance once every three months.
Participants will receive a living allowance for the following three months, after making a study report for three months.
The book allowance can be used to buy books offered by universities for studying Bahasa. However, for Cultural Arts it can be used to buy staging outfits or practicing equipment.
For the 10-month and 12-month program, it will be completed in June 2025 and August 2025respectively.
Yes, the Darmasiswa committee will arrange a pre-departure briefing and language short course in early August 2024 via virtual meeting.
Yes, participants can visit our website at

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